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Just because a building is old doesn’t mean it can’t have state-of-the-art RAF and UFAD systems that are cost effective, energy efficient and provide fresher air. At Camino, we work with architects and planners to bring older sites up to current standards while still preserving the integrity of the structure.

Raised Access Flooring - IconRAISED ACCESS FLOORING

For retrofitting of older buildings, the fundamental advantage of a RAF is that services such as wiring, cables, electrical supply, plumbing and air distribution can be easily routed under the elevated surface.

Underfloor Air Distribution - IconUNDERFLOOR AIR DISTRIBUTION

Retrofits and heritage buildings with underfloor air distribution systems enjoy improved air quality and lower energy and maintenance costs. Over 70% of retrofit and heritage site Camino installations have featured the ideal combination of a RAF and UFAD system.

Modular Power Distribution - IconMODULAR POWER DISTRIBUTION

A Camino MPD System paired with Plug & Play technology provides unlimited flexibility. Occupants have a system that’s economical, accessible and eliminates the need for costly x-rays and messy core drilling.


We offer a vast range of surfaces, colours and textures from which to choose, including a full selection of wood, granite and marble finishes – ideal for enhancing older buildings.