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Modern office buildings and other commercial outlets comprise over 70% of Camino’s business. In fact, with their overall cost effectiveness and energy efficiency, RAF systems are continually growing in popularity. Our highly skilled RAF experts can work with your team to create the flooring solution that suits your needs and fits your budget – anywhere in the world.

Raised Access Flooring - IconRAISED ACCESS FLOORING

The fundamental advantage of a raised access floor is that services such as wiring, cables, electrical supply, plumbing and air distribution can be easily routed under the elevated surface.

Underfloor Air Distribution - IconUNDERFLOOR AIR DISTRIBUTION

Buildings with underfloor air distribution systems enjoy lower energy and maintenance costs and improved air quality, resulting in significant reductions in employee absenteeism.

Modular Power Distribution - IconMODULAR POWER DISTRIBUTION

A Camino MPD System paired with our Plug & Play technology provides unlimited flexibility for office buildings. Owners and building superintendents have a system that’s economical, accessible and adaptable.


We offer a vast range of surfaces, colours and textures from which to choose, including a full selection of durable vinyls that are comfortable and ideal for heavy traffic areas.