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A Camino RAF complemented with a Camino UFAD system, is an ideal solution for gaming and retail industries. Customers enjoy a pleasant and comfortable shopping, gambling or spending experience and building owners gain the ultimate in flexibility, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Raised Access Flooring - IconRaised Access Flooring

For casinos and retail outlets, the fundamental advantage of a RAF is that services such as wiring, cables, electrical supply, plumbing and air distribution can be easily routed under the elevated surface.

Underfloor Air Distribution - IconUnderfloor Air Distribution

UFAD systems are widely used in casinos and retail outlets throughout the world to improve the air quality and lower energy and maintenance costs.

Modular Power Distribution - IconModular Power Distribution

A Camino MPD System paired with Plug & Play technology offers unlimited flexibility for casinos and retail outlets, providing a system that’s economical, accessible and adaptable.

Finishes - IconFloor Finishes

We offer an exceptional range of surfaces, colours and textures from which to choose, including a full selection of stylish, long-lasting floor solutions that are ideal for heavy traffic areas.