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Our Solutions

Raised Access Flooring - IconRaised Access Flooring

With clients across the continent and throughout the world, Camino is North America’s leader in RAF solutions.

Underfloor Air Distribution - IconUnderfloor Air Distribution

As the sensible alternative to traditional overhead air delivery, Camino UFAD systems improve air quality and occupant comfort while lowering the cost of energy and maintenance.

Modular Power Distribution - IconModular Power Distribution

Camino offers a full range of MPD products, featuring Plug & Play technology, to provide our clients with improved flexibility for expansions or future moves.

Finishes - IconFloor Finishes

Camino has a complete selection of factory and field applied finishes that are available in a wide variety of colours and textures.


At Camino Systems we are committed to providing each of our clients with world-class raised access flooring solutions of enduring quality. We can do that because our company was forged on a foundation of innovation, collaboration and being able to accommodate any building requirements – from a new design to a retrofit of an existing structure. Whatever the project, we promise that our solutions will be sustainable, energy efficient and future flexible. We believe anything less is unacceptable.

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